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Free online games have become the rage with all age groups, both men and women. The reason for this is simple. – Internet offers a wide range of online games. The games range from simple text-based games to games filled with complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players at the same time.

Most online game sites require the user to install Shockwave or Java in order to play the games. However, others may not require any software. The games are generally categorized into action, arcade, adventure, racing, strategy, shooting, sports, casino, simulation, puzzle, and word games. Many sites even offer a ‘ chat ‘ option where the user can interact with other players inside the site and have conversations.

Most of the websites where these games are provided are accessed using a computer either linked to a dial-up connection or a broadband connection. This enables the user to access the website entirely from the home computer and not have to avail of a mobile contract. Additionally, these games are completely safe to be played even by children. There are countless websites where the user can play the games of their choice, as there is no parental message filtering system on the games.

As a standard, these games are identified as follows:

Action Games

These are games that require the use of an item (a weapon, tool, etc.) to proceed through a scenario or game. Games of the action variety include lone shooter games and also those in which the exact objective is unclear. The player is required to take some form of action to finish off their opponent or resolve the puzzle. There may also be elements of movement (such as those in a platform game) as well as those of combat (such as those in a shooter game). These games generally require that the player takes quick action and doesn’t linger for a moment to choose a weapon to use in combat. Examples of action games are Vs., shooter games, Space Invaders, and even games inspired by movies like The Matrix.


These are usually single-player games. There may or may not have a story. Often these are popular due to the short time available for the player to respond to the challenge. The player is required to try and win by completing the task or the goal as quickly as possible. The points earned are generally context-sensitive; for example, completing a task will yield significantly different points than completing a challenge in a different way. The main advantage of arcade games is that they are simple to play and also easy to understand. This is one of the reasons that they are so popular.

Adventure and Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are also known as interactive games due to the fact that they rely on the player’s ability to rationalize and think in a complex manner. They also require logic, logic, and also pattern-matching, making them challenging. The major types of these are lock/free-fall, Mazes, and memory tests.

These are further sub-categorized into other categories, including card games (these are usually like playing card games like Solitaire and therefore have no rules); action-adventure (these are like action games like The Matrix, where the plot is predetermined); combat (these are like combat games like The Warriors (which include fighting styles along with weapons to use against an opponent); strategic (largely self-explanatory).

Most of these are played in one of three ways: a) against a computer ( Precisely why they are called computer games); b) against another human player (usually played against the author who is playing the game); or c) in multiplayer (meaning one person can play with another, usually against a group of people).

Online games can be:

  1. Games played against a computer with either an Autodidactic programming language (pages with unpredictable code that reacts to what you do, rather like a real human being);
  2. Games played against another human player, either in tutor form ( Hennessy, you can train yourself to improve your scores);
  3. Games from the internet, you can also play with one or more unstable persons (they are not really electronic characters but human beings). Games are played to have an interaction between two people. They can also be a lot of fun.

So do you want to have fun as well as get all the best out of life?

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